Minivan or Convertible?

I love convertibles. When the Mazda Miata came out, I bought the 27th car arrived at the dealership, and pay way too much for it. But the fun of top down motoring !! Commuting became fun time. Weekend trips were amazing. When I drove up to the many typical Summer BBQ parties, it's one convertible amongst a drivewayful of minivans. All my friends are having kids, driving minivans. I always said to them -- "I won't be caught dead driving one of those things". Fast forward many years. Their kids are grown, or grown enough. They are trading in the minivans for luxury SUVs, buying euro sports car and convertibles. Me? After unsuccessfully trying to fit a stroller, box of diapers,  4 cans of formula, two watermelons and a weekend of fruits and vegetable supplies into the Lexus sedan with two car seats installed, I had no choice...

So now I am a "proud" owner of a, eh, "lifestyle vehicle" called the Toyota Sienna. The kids and mom is happy. We don't have to try to change diapers on one square foot of space in the passenger seat. I tell myself that, with the AC outlet, I can plug my laptop into the car, park outside Starbucks, and I have a roomy mobile office. Power sliding doors are cool. At least 14 cup holders. navigation system is fun. Have not really play with the rear seat entertainment system yet.

Just to make me feel worse about parting with the Miata, as I pulled up at the dealership with the Miata to trade it in, all the salespeople said "are you serious? You are trading in your convertible for a MINIVAN "? Yes I am !

(You can also read my full reivew of the Sienna here).