Waking up to the State Police

It's all my fault, really. Guppy loves Gadgets. Nothing surprising here, since his Dad loves Gadgets and have so much fun stuff around the house. Since he was around 8 months old,  he can imitate us talking on cellphones. Soon after that he can use his little figure to operate the joystick on the phone, making the screen change from one thing to another. He is very proud of that.

After destroying my Sony Ericcson Z600, and almost destroy my new T630, we have been trying to give him one of our old cellphones to play with. Unfortunately he can tell the difference. So finally I gave in and charged up the old cellphone, without a SIM card, and let him play with that. He was very amused by it because now it works, sorta. It will switch on, but just says "insert SIM". That's until this morning.

I did not know this, but the phone will allow emergency calls even without a SIM card. That's a good thing normally, but not when your 1+ years old is making the call. He was playing with the phone in bed with me, and suddenly I hear "Hello, this is the State Police. Can I help you" from the  phone. (Cellphones, be being location based, emergency calls are routed to the State Police). I explained to the nice police dispatcher that it was just my baby playing with the phone. But now you know what not to do with old cellphones !