First Rock Climbing Lesson

G and I went to our first climbing lesson today. I was the only parent who knows how to climb (a beginner though), so I managed to check up on G while the other parents were getting taught, very quickly, the basics of belaying and knots. I saw G up on one third way on the wall and was stuck. The instructor asked me to help me. I gave him a few hints on which holds to go to and he managed to move up a few more steps. Then he wanted to come down. During he main lesson we paired up and I was belaying him. By then he seems tired enough that he didn't make it up too far up the wall, partly because the wall that we were on had hard foot holds at the beginning.

As I predicted, what he was very good at was learning the knots. He managed to do the figure 8 by himself after two tries. Some of the adults couldn't do that!