Letter from the Tooth Fairy

M's baby teeth were badly damaged due to bad feeding habbits. That's for another post. When she was 3 she had real surgery to have several teeth taken all out at once. It was quite an experience for all of us. Now that she is older, she started to wonder -- would those lost teeth be eligible to be "reimbursed" by the tooth fairy? So, while we are still in the "we believe in Santa" phase, I told her I would email the Tooth Fairy and ask.

Today at work, I printed out a formal looking letter (thank you Apple Pages templates), as a official reply from the Tooth Fairy Bureau. TF apparently acknowledged the tooth loses, gave M extra quarters, and threw in a few requests about the need to keep her teeth clean and health. As a addition note, TF said "our record showed that your brother has not been taking good care of his teeth. Please also tell him to take care of his teeth."

This worked wonder. M was very grateful, and promptly wrote a thank-you email back to TF. At night time she brushed her teeth extra hard, while mumbling to me that "I am taking care of my teeth!"