May Update: Jump Rope, Basketball and falling over

May is always a fun month. Weather turns nicer (eventually) and we get some outdoor playtime. M being her athletic self got really into jump rope. Within a few weeks, she went from barely able to do it to jumping non-stop for 20, 30 jumps, and now she is working on going backwards. She really enjoy doing it -- seems like she spends all her free time jumping room in the house. I wonder if it is the fun part of it that keeps her going? Or the sense of achievement. G being his non athletic self, is moaning about having to take Gymnastics each week. His muscle sore "so much" after his first week back to class. And during class you can tell he is trying his best to not do anything -- that is hard since there are only two of them in the boys section. His teacher is pretty good and like it or not, he is building up some muscles.

One thing that surprised me though -- we went to the park one day and he insisted we bring a ball. We play catch with a kids size soccer ball. Surprisingly, he can catch the ball very well. He said he has been playing that a lot during recess. There is some hope after all.

We are at the end of May and finally I have time, and the weather cooporated. We went to Home Depot to pick up plants and herbs and flowers for the balcony garden. M and G helped me plant all the stuff. Then they play with the water hose, spraying each other until they are both soaked. They so enjoy it.

M is usually a very good sport, but when she is tired she gets cranky. So let's end with a funny moment this evening: We are all watching a silly comedy on netflix. M and I are sitting together under a blanket. We got pretty comfortable and I didn't realized that she was completely leaning on me. I had to get up to do something, and the minute I got up, she "fell over". She cried out "I can't get up!" and it as so funny that I had to laugh. Unfortunately that sent her into a moment of embarrassment and she started crying. Luckily she recovered quickly and we ended the evening in a good note.