Birthday for an eight year old

G had a wonderful birthday. His sister spent a lot of time making him a lacrosse stick that is functional! M and I had to work to hide it from G before the birthday. M also made a daily quote paper chain for him, opening a link each day. When I commended her on all her hard work for her brother, she said "well it also fill some of my bored time". She really is a caring sister.

G is very sensible about presents. We talked a lot about what he would like, and he is happily rejecting things that are too expensive, or unnecessary. We settle on a micro crawler, a very sophisticated "toy". Most people would consider that more of an expensive hobby item. He was of course happy to receive it. We played with it a bit before bedtime. When I was heading to bed, he said "you are a good daddy". A few minutes later he found me and gave me a hug and thanked me for the present. I guess he really like it.