Are we the only family who does not play video games?

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G just started soccer with the in town team and attended his first practice. Great group of kids. Wonderful coaches. He is going to really enjoy it. At the first practice, by mean of introduction, the coach asked everyone to introduce themselves -- what is your name, your grade, your school and what is your favorite video game?

Well, G is the only kid that answered "I don't have a favorite video game" which is technically correct. That is because we do not own any video game console, nor we really play video games on the computers. Ok we do play a few games on the iPad, but that's it.

We are obviously not technophobic. G program games. I just finished a class called "Game design for education" and started one called "Game for social change" at MIT. The right games are great for kids. Just not the generic video games.

Hint: Try Plague Inc. on the iPad. Review coming soon.