Wearing a Watch, too much subject review in class

Both kids have watches. M wears hers on and off, mostly for fun. G did not like to wear his much until yesterday. I saw him started to wearing it to school. My initial thought is that other kids have watches and he wanted to bring his. But when I asked him casually this morning, he told me why: When he sits in groups in class, where they do reviews, he finishes early and gets bored. He couldn't see the clock from where they are, so he wants to know the time.

I have heard from one other parents that they spent a lot of time at the start of the year doing review work in Math. I am not sure I am happy with this. But G also said he is learning new things in Science. And we have a curriculum night tonight so I can find out more about the curriculum at this new School. Lastly, I am running the Family Math night and hoping to start a Math club with a few very enthusiastic parents to enrich their learning outside of the regular classroom. Stay tuned.