I <3 Beautiful Puerto Rico - A Diary to A Fun Vacation Part No. 1 Beach Power !

        I'm P.K.'s guest blogger on the Back to Shanghai blog. . . You might have read some of my blog posts there . I have my personal blog here now . I enjoy blogging , because it is a chance to write down my thoughts . I'm 8 years old , and at the moment , in Puerto Rico for a gymnastics meet . Yes , I am a gymnast . I will tell you what I love about Beautiful Puerto Rico .

        First off , I favor the beach . Wanna here what I like about it and some experiences I had ? Well , what are you waiting for ? Read on !

        Sometimes I just feel like sitting on the deck of our hotel and looking at the beach . We don't have a great view , so most of what we can see are buildings . Luckily , we have a little bit of beach from the deck . It's relaxing to sit on the deck with a cool breeze brushing my face gently , warm nice weather , and the wonderful beach to enjoy . 


          Now that was only the looks of the beach . Let's move on to the physical part . Which do you prefer me to start with ? Land or water ? I choose . . . hmm . How about the water ? Okay . Here we go !


          Belly surfing !  That always stands out to me whenever I think about water on the beach . In case you don't know , I'll try to teach you in words how to belly surf my version . 


         RIPPLE : Turn around and let yourself bob .


         SMALL WAVE : Wait until the wave is about half a foot in front of you . Jump up and twirl 180 degrees .                                                                                            


         MEDIUM WAVE : Do the same as you would do for a small wave . 


         BIG WAVE : Squat down and wait for the wave . When it hits you , push off horizontally .


      Do not get scared . The first time I belly surfed , I went under water and came up safely at least 5 times . Water might get up your nose and trust me , it won't feel good . But 'ya have to tough it out . Some waves can get up to 10 feet tall .


      Enough of belly surfing . What was I going to do now ? . . . Oh . Right ! I was going to tell you about the other part . Land - sand castles ! My friends , my brother , and I love love LOVE to build sand castles . My brother usually helps me , and my dad wrote a blog about called The Boy and His Sand Castle . This is what we would do . First part is the hardest . Castle defenses .


            Fort : We would rush to build the fort . the point was to keep as much of the water as we can out . Over and over and over water would crash over the top and drag the fort apart . We would not give up . Over and over and over we would try . ' Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee ! ' We would cry out with joy when we got it to stay . It had to be pretty thick , tall and wide .


           Moat : Every castle need a moat . Correct ? Defiantly yes in my opinion .

  • First , dig a trench on the side of the moat where the water is closest . this will keep it away from you a bit when you are working on the actual moat .
  • Second , dig a deep hole on one side . It does not have to be all the way across the fort . I scoop up the grainy sand and pack it tightly onto the fort .
  • Third , continue the second step along the fort .
  • Fourth , make sure the moat tips sideways so it can drain out . 
  • Fifth , to make sure it drains , you have to smooth the moat out to move down the beach . Now it can drain out !
  • Finally . . . the fun part ! Castle building !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo-hoo ! Be creative and shape the castle differently . Add fun decorations and find some seashells or sea glass to put on top .



          Well , that was all I can tell you about the beach . Have fun and try out these ideas . Change them too ! Tell me if you have any improvements . There is always room for improvement no matter what . For me & for you . I hope you enjoyed this blog . Tell me if you like these blogs and suggest some topics . Keep tuned .

                                                      Good Bye My Friends ! ! !