Moyu Huanying Box Typo

One sunny Sunday afternoon, I took my Moyu Haunying speedcube out of my cubing case. I opened the box that I kept it in(I just can't stand cubes not being in their boxes) and took out the cube. I did a few solves and PLL T-perms and put the cube back in it's box. As I was about to put it in my case, I noticed something odd about the box. It said, "HUANYING". Under that it said, "3"... "LAYE Magic cube".  TYPOOOO!?!?!? Then I looked at the side next to it. It had a white circle and in said "3 LAYE Magic cube". Again!?! When I finally put it in my cubing case, still recovering from the incident, I thought "That's ironic. Moyu can make great cubes but can't spell "layer" right."