7 Years old can learn to Solder

Both M and G headed to their second Summer camp this week. They were too young last year and I have been eager to sign them up to this camp -- it is hard to describe what the camp does -- they make things -- hacker meets artist meet urban geeks. M is actually technically still under the minimum age, but they told me it's ok with them if it is ok with me. Well, a few days into the camp, and G has already "out cool" his Dad. He went geocaching -- something I wanted to take them to but have not done so yet. Today, he casually told me that he made a drawdio. "You made it yourselve?" I asked. "You solder it yourself?" Yes he did. Earlier this year he did helped me stuff components to make our first picaxe controller together, but he watched me as I soldered. He helped with snipping off leads. He said this time, there were instruction on paper and he just followed the diagrams. He did put the chip in backwards he said so they will have to either fix it tomorrow or make a new one.

M also had a great time -- she went fishing first day. Another first for her. I taught her how to light an LED with a button cell and she made several "toys" with LED's with her new skill.