Impromptu Lesson #121

G is doing his usual creative morning activity -- where he is the first to get up, and then quietly working on a project of his own. This morning he created a 2 1/2D landscape of a carnival ride. I noticed he didn't put a title on the piece. So we google up some architectural plans and showed him how a architect usually label the drawing with the project's name etc. By chance the floor plan that I googled up is not for a normal house, but for a dormitory. G noticed it first -- is this for a mansion? he asked. We focused on the bathrooms, which are clearly men's and women's with a lot of stalls inside. So I prompted G to look at the bathrooms and see if he can deduce what kind of building this is. After some back and forth analysis, he figured it out that it is not a home but some sort of an office. Then I pointed out the bedrooms in the plan and decided that it is some sort of boarding school.